{October 27, 2011}   “Yes or No?”

Best car for Meniere's Mommy.

I left the ENT office that fateful day. You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach? The one that tells you that your diagnosis of regular old vertigo is for sure something much more……..

I get on with life as usual.

The following week, I was driving my 5-year-old to Preppy K. This being the only Preppy K in our town, it was 8 or so miles from my house. I drive a Volkswagen Eurovan. One of those LONG vans.

It was about 7:45 am. It was cold outside and there was frost on my windshield. We pulled up to the main street, where there was never any place to park. There is a fire station across the street with an empty parking lot behind where all the “Preppy Parents” parked for drop off.

I was driving toward that area, in elementary school traffic. You know the kind… Stop, go, stop, go again….

I look at my 5-year-old through the rear view mirror, all strapped into his 3 point harness car seat.

Oh my god, what was that?

My hand instinctually smacks flat against my forehead.

It’s like a bright light flashes into my eyes for just a nano second.


My heart starts beating fast,

what do I do?

Okay, I have to pull over.

There is nowhere to go.

My head is slowly getting heavier,

like a 20 pound weight is pulling it down.

The world starts to spin vertically.

With my head tilted sideways, squinting eyes, trying to focus

just a tiny bit.

I make it to a red zone in front of the fire station.

At this point, all bets are off.

I am in a full spin,

head laying down on the door panel of the rolled down window.

My poor baby says, what’s wrong mommy?”

“Am I going to be tardy?”

Ummmmm, yeah.

I no longer have use of my arms, head or vision.

I have to blindly feel around in my purse for my phone.

I find it after 5 minutes of pure panic.

I blindly push the button to call my husband at work.

Please pick up, please don’t be in Los Angeles on a job site.

“What’s up babe?”

“I ‘m having another vertigo attack”

“It’s really bad.”

My tongue is thick.

I can hardly speak.

I explain where I am.

“Be there in 10 minutes.”

I fumble around for my oh so important glamorized generic Dramamine.

I take 2. This should help.

Dr. Wong said so……..

I hear someone yelling at me.

“Excuse me miss? You are illegally parked in a red zone. I’m going to have to write you a ticket.”

My head turns to look out my window.

It’s parking control, pulled up right next to my drivers window, blocking me so I can’t “ditch um”.”

My face must have said enough.

“Are you okay mam?

I am profusely sweating, pale as a ghost.

I think to myself, am I okay?

How do I answer this question?

(This will be the most complicated question I will be asked by everybody I know for the next two years.)

How do you answer?

Yes but no?

No but yes?

I choose “no.”

“I am having a vertigo attack with my baby in the back seat. Go ahead and write me a ticket.”

This chick isn’t goin’ anywhere.

“Do you need medical assistance?”

Yes but no.

No but yes.

“Ummmm no, my husband is on his way.”

“Okay mam, you just stay parked right here, DO NOT DRIVE ANYWHERE.”

(again, my face explained a lot.)

“Don’t worry” I say.

What seems like an hour, but only about 15 minutes, my husband knocks on the passenger window.

“Are you okay?”

Yes but No

No but yes.

“Take the little guy to his class, number one.”

I certainly have traumatized him enough for one day.

Husband drops our son off.

“He got a tardy.” Husband tells me.

“Great” (talk about being kicked when your down.)

Husband- “What do you want me to do?”

Me- “I have to lay down flat NOW”

“I cannot lift my head, let alone walk.”

He opens the driver side door and scoops me up like a toddler.

He opens the slider door to our van and lays me on the back seat.

I put my hand over my eyes, get into the fetal position and rock back and forth.

Husband- “Where do we go? There’s no parking on the entire street.”

Me- “Just go find anyplace to park, NOW.”

I have absolutely no idea of where we are parked.

He gets out and opens the slider again.

“What do I do?”

Me- “I don’t know, just sit here with me. Help me get through this.”

“Do you want a drink of water? Here, have a drink, it will help.”

Me- “Are you kidding me? I cannot lift my head up, let alone sit up to take a drink. Just stop.”

Right on schedule, after about 45 minutes ish, I feel a gentle, slow release.

It’s VERY slow. I start to “come to.”

“Okay, I think I am starting to feel a little bit better.”

I slowly squint with one eye covered by my hand.

The spinning is slowly coming to a halt. Like the end of the worlds worst merry-go-round.

Another half an hour and I am sitting up. Drinking water.

I feel my head pounding. A burning at my temples.

I am once again EXHAUSTED.

My eyes are burning. Every muscle in my body is exhausted.

I need to go home and sleep.

I tell my husband to go back to work.

I’m totally fine to drive home.

I get home, climb into my bed and instantly fall asleep.

I wake up several hours later.

I feel fine.

Like nothing ever happened.

The scariest event to ever happen to me in 35 years (health wise) and with a little nap, I’m fine.


Here we go……..

Happy spinning.



I am crying reading your blog, it reminded me of my first few weeks of full on meniere’s. It was 7 yrs ago, I was 23. That was the worst year of my life, I have never been so sick, scared, or depressed in my whole life. Be so thankful you have a husband who will take care of you, at that time I didn’t.

Susan K Huntoon says:

I can relate so much to the vertigo attack. I know exactly what you are describing. It is absolutely horrible disease.
Thanks for sharing your story with us.

I started suffering vertigo when I was 16 years old and I couldn’t walk for 5 years due to severe case of vertigo.I had 12 ear surgeries , and found out had water over brain too,so had a shunt put in too. gen shots helped but my symptoms returned after 3 years.lost hearing in my 1 ear from it. still can walk now, as I’m 41 years old now.I can’t work, have a social life, and noice makes me more dizzy.I also can not do much as I get so tired and need to take a nap.I am still suffering dizziness, heavy feeling in my head, and get so tired & confused when I am dizzy. it’s no way to live, it’s so hard to deal with and I’m stuck at home a lot.

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