{October 22, 2011}   “Just a little Vertigo”

Moving right along……

Guess what happened the next night while sleeping?

Yep, same time, same place, same thing.

Just a horrific as the night before,

only this time I was a little panicked.


Rapid Eye Movement,


head stuck to my pillow.

After about 45 minutes,

muscles slowly release as I fall into a deep sleep.

Morning breaks.

What is going on?

Must call my ENT immediately.

Made an appointment for later that week.

Drive 30 miles to see Dr. Wong.

She will help me.

Tell me to take this pill.

Make this spinning stop.

No problemo.

Me- “Hi Dr. Wong”

Dr.- “So you’re having some spinning?”

Me- “Ummmm no, more like having seizures or a stroke, two nights in a row last week.”

Dr.- “Tell me your symptoms.”

Me- “Blah, blah, blah.”

Dr.- “Sounds like vertigo. Let me see here.”

Dr. checks my ears-CLEAR

Dr. check my eyes-Clear

Dr. checks up my nose-Clear

Dr.-“follow my finger.” Back and forth, up and down.- Clear

Dr. “Now lay down in this chair. I’m going to turn your head very quickly, tell me what you feel.”-Clear

Dr. “Hmmmm. sounds like you are having a little bout of vertigo.”

Me- “But I’ve had little bouts of vertigo before, many years ago. This was not that.”

Dr.- Anywhoooo, I will write you a script for some anti nausea pills, take them as needed.”

Me- Umm, okay. If you say so.”

I go downstairs to the pharmacy.

I wait in line for 20 minutes and give the tech my “prescription.”

Tech- “Oh these are over the counter, you don’t need a script for these.”

WTF? This is nothing but generic dramamine.

Here goes nothin’

Happy Spinning….



Angelea says:

Seriously?! Not that I haven’t had the same experience. Another fine example of, “You have no clue, Doctor.”

Actually, I started using OTC meclizine (Bonine) on my own. For six months, my OTO never once suggested anything else. It was an ENT I sought out in desperation for an urgent steroid injection that kindly offered me Valium and Scopace which were light-years ahead of meclizine for the nausea and for softening the blow of the attacks just so I could sleep through all but the very worst.

abbey says:

pretty wild huh! I was told to go home,google it, and make a follow up appt? like really……i am functioning at 50%normal and he tells me to go home and “Google it” ? ughhhhh so stressfull….
I guess i should be thankful i had already got my serc from my GP 🙂 even though it has no effect on me…
Thx Alhea
patiently waiting for your next post….. it is really helping me feel grounded and normal 🙂

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