{October 19, 2011}   Charlie Brown’s Teacher

I absolutely LOVE comedian Adam Carolla. He has a daily podcast chalked full of quick wit, sarcasm, and raunchy humor. (Did you know he has the #1 downloaded podcast of all time?) Consider yourself warned, he uses extremely foul language. I adore him……

My night-time ritual

download AC Podcast

enter ear buds

good nite.

I thought there must be a short in one of my buds.

The sound coming out of my right bud was sounding extremely muffled. I couldn’t even make out what my Adam was saying.

New buds, same thing.

Why does Charlie Brown’s teacher keep calling me on the phone?

Must be a head cold.

Smash cut to 9 months later (this head cold is really sticking around)

Maybe I should see my Dr.

One week later, I see my GP.

Here’s how that appointment went:

Dr.    “What seems to be the problem Mrs. Armstrong?”

Me    “I am not hearing well out of my right ear.”

Dr.    “Okay, how long has this been bothering you?”

Me    “Ummmmm, like 9 months.”

Dr.    (Scooby Doo head turn) “Hmmmm, okay then, let’s see what we have here.”

He looked inside my ear with an otoscope, “all clear”

He took out a tuning fork, hit it on the table and held it to my ear.

Dr. “Can you hear this louder here or here?”

Me. “Neither, it sounds the same both places.”

Dr. “Why did you wait so long to come in? I could have given you a steroid injection, but now it’s too late.”

Me. “Shit”

Dr. “You most likely have what we call unexplained hearing loss. I want you to see an ENT just to be sure,I will send over the referral”

Two weeks later I see an ENT. That’s an Ear Nose and Throat specialist.

Little did I know that Dr. Wong would soon be my new best friend or worst enemy. Depends on how you look at it.

Dr. Wong asked me the same exact questions as my GP, did the same exact tests and gave me the same exact diagnosis.

I have Unexplained hearing Loss.

Okay then.

For those wondering why or how I could wait so long to see a Dr.? When you slowly lose function of a body part, you unconsciously start to compensate for that loss. When you have two of the same body parts, you slowly just start using the good one.

This is called COMPENSATION. Little did I know at this time, how serious this word would become in my life.

Happy Spinning xoa


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